body building foods to help eliminate body weight

Body Building Foods To Help Eliminate Body Weight

Generally there are many foods to burn fat but today we are going to focus on the best foods for body building. At first we are going talk about protein. Protein is one of the best fat burning foods you need to include in your diet plan if you are willing to burn fat. The amount of protein your body requires to burn fat depends on the amount of calories you are consuming every-day-by-day. Before you begin taking any fat burning food, it is better you see your doctor to know exactly the amount of protein that you are carrying and the amount which your body required for maintaining healthy and strong muscles.

Here are some protein foods that you can include in your diet plan for weight loss:

1. Eggs
2. Turkey and chicken
3. Fish
4. Nuts
5. Cottage cheese
6. Whey protein
7. Low fat and chocolate milk


Eggs are food that you need for weight loss; they are made up of six grams of protein per ounce. Most of the protein can be found in egg white. While you consume egg on the daily basis you should also avoid foods that contain saturated fat like red milk, cheese and more.

Turkey and Chicken

they both contain a higher percentage of protein as well as less saturated fat than red meat. One ounce of turkey and chicken contain nine grams of protein. They are also loaded with vitamin B, phosphorus and tryptophan. Taking chicken and turkey is a better way of getting rid of fat. You should as well avoid those that are too fried.


Fish is another weight loss food that contains a high percentage of protein. You have to include fish in your everyday diet. It is a type of food that has no carbohydrate and few saturated salt fat. The best varieties of fish to eat are trout sardines and salmon. Fish contain sic grams protein per ounce and are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Fish is very easy to digest than beef or pork. There is just one main problem with fish and the problem is that it contains a high percentage of mercury. It is recommended by experts that it should not be taken more than twice and not more than four times in a week.


Nuts are considered the best snacks because they are made up of quality protein and good fat. Examples are peanut butter, peanuts and almonds because they are loaded with protein. They are made up of 8g and 9 gram of protein per ¼ cup.

Cottage Cheese

The quantity of protein in cottage cheese varies depending on the brand. ¼ cup of the cottage cheese contains about 7g of protein. Ensure that you check the label before you buy cottage cheese. It is far better to buy the cottage cheese that is made up of low-fat milk or skimmed milk. You can also make cottage cheese at home.

Whey Protein

This is known as an excellent protein source. It is good to consume whey protein both before and after a heavy workout, the main reason is that the body absorbs it fast. It is the best source of protein and it has the higher biological value. Whey protein is known t be a rich source of branches amino acids.

Low Fat and Chocolate Milk

What are the major constituents of milk? It is a combination of whey protein and casein. You need to consume low fat milk as much as possible. Chocolate milk is the best for you after a workout program. It has a high water content that prevents dehydration. It is better to take in protein foods that help in the development of muscles and build the body.

Bean and Legumes

If you are really serious about building muscle and reducing weight, you cannot ignore the power of beans and legumes. When most people talk about losing weight through body building foods, they immediately refer to various lean meats, but what they don’t realize is that the bean is a delicious and highly nutritious source of protein and fiber.

Fiber assists in the maintenance of regular and normal health bowel movement as well as proper insulin response. This becomes critical to muscle growth as both functions assist in the absorption and use of various nutrients and supplements instead of bodybuilders. Body building foods
When it comes to losing weight and building muscle one thing that is important is water. Just think about it, the human body is made up of water. Your muscles, tissue cells and ligaments are all made up of water. Even the body is made up of substantially of water.

When you want to build a massive weight, you will need to keep yourself in the most anabolic state and that is the main reason why you see many bodybuilders taking nothing less than 10 liters of water in a day.

Bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercise to keep control and develop the musculature. Anybody who engages in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder.

Due to the high cost, many organizations have provided a better option for losing weight through natural means. A lot of organizations have provided fake tips on losing weight.

You can beat canned tuna for a quick weight loss when it comes to high protein foods for weight loss. The benefit of this tuna is that it will bring about weight loss at your own convenience. Apart form the facts that it contains a high amount of protein, it also contains omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids assist in preventing the body against muscle loss. It also helps in the boosting of the metabolism. Three ounces of water packed albacore tuna provides one hundred and nine grams of protein, with just 2.5 grams of fat.

Bulking is another means of building muscle and losing weight. This process is easy because you get to eat the foods of your choice and watch your strength go through the roof. Here, you do not need to e worried with the amount of fat you are consuming because your cut will take care of the situation. There are various types of bulking you can do; clean bulk, bulk, dirty bulk.

Clean bulking: this is basically the one that is based on much muscle mass as possible while strictly watching the amount of fat being consumed. Let us take for example, you are trying to clean bulk, you would stay away from candy, soda, potato, chips, pizza, hamburgers and other junk foods. People who clean bunk sometimes consume rice, lean chicken breast, pastas, lean turkey, steak, cottage cheese, low fat milk, fruits and veggies, and many other junk foods.

Regular bulking: This is basically the one you need when you try to pack on as much lean muscles mass as possible while watching the amount of fat you consume. People that are used to regular bunk consume food stuffs like steak, chicken breast tuna, milk, low fat yogurt, fruits and veggies and many more. This type of bulking is good for those having a average metabolism.

Dirty bulking: this is used when you want to pack as much muscles as you can without being concerned about the amount of fat you are consuming. If you are doing dirty bulking, you wouldn’t need to keep away from any edible food. Those that do this type of bulking do not don’t mind eating junk foods and fast foods. Those that are required to do this type of exercise are those having increased metabolism. If you have tried every method to lose weight and it does not work for you, then you should try this method instead. It is the easiest diet to maintain.

You have seen the various advantages in these three types of bulking, so the type you choose will be determined by your metabolism and how fast you are willing to lose weight and gain muscles.
The amount of foods you consume really matters if you want to reach your goals. Instead of eating three full meals per day, I suggest you cut the foods you eat into portions. You may choose to take six to eight meals in a day. You should not consume more than five hundred calorie meal at each servings. The reason for spacing this meal is because your body can only digest much food before it all gets disposed out.

According to researchers, they claimed that those that take in multivitamins tend to have a lean body mass than those that consume food at all times. Multivitamins will help you fill all the holes and you will have a reduced weight.

Losing weight and gaining muscle depend on your body type: There are some with large bones while there are some with tiny bones. If you are having large bones, it may take you a longer period of time to lose weight.

Bodybuilding foods: Typically, there are many foods to build muscle. Choose the one that is best for you and it will get you to the desired shape you always wanted

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