Best Workout Routines For Women

Get Ripped In No Time! Best Workout Routines For Women Ever Practiced

I sometimes laugh at the prospect by which guys are now living and it is that they are the only ones who can get ripped and get the perfect body. I am so sorry to inform you that women can also get the perfect body they desire. There are different workout routines that can be done by women of different ages, status, and walks of life. There are also the best workout routines for women of different categories; beginners and intermediate and advanced. The beginners category is for those who have never attempted any of these exercises before and I want you to know beforehand that it might be a very stressful thing to do at the very first week, but as you keep your mind set on achieving your goals, it would become very easy and I am sure you would do it for the fun of it too.

For you to get that perfect body, it has to do with your determination and your willpower in order to perform and achieve your expected goal; but before performing any exercise, you must have a reason for doing it and such reasons can be for weight loss, for nice physique and other important reasons best known to you. Remember, all these that are being mentioned can’t be gotten without exercises because they are very essential and have been proven effective and it can be good for you. Well, with all that said, we would go straight to some of the examples of the best workout routines for women.

Wait a minute! Before I go into that, I would like you to know that not all the exercises which will be mentioned can be done by every woman; so, it is best you seek your health practitioner or instructor before attempting anyone. Well, with all that said, let’s move on.

Examples Of Workout Routines For Women

Well, Apart from the simple exercises that can be done in the house and the neighborhood, such as running, jogging, skipping, home HIIT Workout routine and just to mention a few, there are certain ones that are done in the gymnasium and they are being told us by the instructors. It is very important that you abide by the instructions given because if you go astray, you will have yourself to blame and it won’t be funny at all. These workout routines which would be explained to you in a short while are in different levels and phases and this will make it easier for you to know the one that suits you and the one that doesn’t.

In order to stay fit, you must know that before you partake in any of these exercises, you must have a goal, like I said before, an aim and you must be knowledgeable of what to do and the level to begin from. Remember, when we were little, there were games we play which have different levels, like umm, Mario and the levels were beginners, intermediate and the difficulty level. Most times, when we try to play the difficult level, we get stranded or we lose times without number. Relating this to the workout levels, it is best you perform the exercise level which will suit you at the stage you are in right now till you are instructed to graduate. So, from me to you, I would advise that you begin from the beginners’ level until you graduate to the intermediate, then the difficult.

Not to worry, I will guide you through. Remember, a master doesn’t live his students halfway.

So, at this stage, we will begin at the beginners’ level which is a very important level.

1. Beginners’ level:

In this level, you have to choose the exercises that are appropriate and that you can do well without killing yourself and also remember that exercises must be backed up with a good diet plan because exercise without a healthy diet is a waste of time and it will not change your situation; it might worsen it; that is why a good diet is better than a wasted workout program. Another thing you must know is that you shouldn’t overwork yourself or drive yourself too much because it might lead to health problems and you might not be able to complete the task which is assigned to you. Lest you forget, while trying to achieve this, have it in mind that the best workout routines that are being given to you were designed by people for different purposes and its effect defers in people. Oh! I know what you guys are expecting! You want to know the examples, right? Thanks for that notification.

I almost forgot. There are so many workouts under the beginners’ workout routines for women and they will be listed shortly. Before I continue, I want to remind you that every routine you do must be evaluated and recorded for future examination. These examples have been tried, tested and evaluated and the risks will not be told to you, so, you have to try it and find out the risks. Before you begin the beginners’ workout, you must be a beginner and you must know that these exercises are for those who haven’t tried it before. It case should not be that you are a woman of 40 who is attempting the exercise of that of an 18-year-old; it is not ideal. A beginner is someone who has been exercising for a very short time or has not tried anything at all.

There are different exercises for different weeks and we would be looking at them one after the other. For the beginners’ level, here are the specific exercises that can be done daily for women;

  • Monday: cardio and toning: to make this successful, the first thing to do is to perform a 5-minute warm-up using the treadmill, then a ten-minute jog, still on the treadmill. After that, a 5 minute rest before going to the next stage. Once you have gotten adequate rest, perform 3 sets of pushups, lateral pull downs, bicep curls, triceps pushdowns using a rope and front raises using dumbbells.
  • For Tuesday, take the day off.
  • For Wednesday, cardio and core exercises: as always, begin with a 5-minute warm-up, plus 3 sets of crunches using the stability ball, plank, and hip raises having a bent knee. Once that is done, perform a 10-minute interval training using a treadmill, and then get a 5-minute rest.
  • For Thursdays, take that day off.
  • Fridays: cardio and a lower body workout: do the 5-minute warm-up using the treadmill, 3 sets of stability ball squats, forward lunges, lying leg curls and abduction, 10 minutes of jogging using the treadmill and 5 minutes rest.
  • For Saturday, try walking early mornings and evenings.
  • Sunday should be a day off.

2. Intermediate Workouts Routines

Congratulations! You have passed the first step, and have graduated to this next step. Well, for those who are on this level, I hope you use the workout routines which will be given to you the right and I assure you that I will be there to guide you; well, that is if you do what you are told. So, as I said at the beginning of the beginners level best workout routines to be used daily, you have to be focused on the goal that is to be achieved and that will help you get that perfect body in no time. Before you begin, you must make sure you have undergone the previous routine. Examples of the intermediate workout routines are;

  • For Monday, cardio workouts and toning: as always, it is best, to begin with, a 5 minute warm-up exercise, then a 20-minute jog using the treadmill. After that, take a 5-minute rest; perform 3 sets of incline dumbbell press, lateral pull downs, triceps kickbacks on a bench and also bicep curls using the cable machine.
  • For Tuesday, take the day off.
  • Wednesday, cardio and core exercises: a 5-minute warm-up exercise, then a 20-minute interval treadmill training, 5-minute rest, 3 sets of bicycle crunches, back extension, and straight leg raises using the bench.
  • Thursdays: 20 minutes on a stationary bike would do the trick.
  • For Fridays, perform cardio and lower body exercises: as always, a 5-minute warm-up using the treadmill, a 10-minute jog and rest for about 5 minutes, then 3 sets of barbell side lunge, bridges, seated calf raises and squats using the stability ball.
  • Saturdays: use the stability bike for 20 minutes.
  • Sundays should be your day off.

Now that we have talked about the intermediate best workout routines for the days of the week, we would move to the last level which is the difficulty level and some of the exercises which will be done by those who fall in that category would be listed in a short period of time.

3. Advance Level Workouts Routines

Examples of workouts done daily under the difficult category:

  • For Mondays, cardio exercises would do the trick: as always, a 5 minute workout on the treadmill, before any other thing; then a 20 minute jog still on the treadmill, 10 minute workout on the stationary bike, and another 10 minutes on the elliptical trainer, then lastly, a 5 minute rest.
  • For Tuesdays, tone the upper part of the body: warm up for about 8 minutes on the treadmill, then 3 sets bicep curls, lateral pull downs, dumbbell front raises, dumbbell lateral raises, triceps pushdowns, using the rope and then rest for 20 minutes.
  • For Wednesdays, take a day off.
  • For Thursdays, it is cardio galore: 5-minute warm-up using the treadmill, 20-minute jog using the treadmill, 10 minutes on the elliptical trainer and the stationary bike and 5-minute rest.
  • For Fridays, the toning of the lower body is next in line: 10-minute warm-up, 3 sets seated calf raises, kneeling arm and alternating leg kicks, dumbbell lunges, and hamstring curl using the ball, then the 5-minute rest which is needed.
  • For Saturdays, the core workout routines should be done: 3 sets of reverse crunches, back extensions, plank with alternating legs, kneeling rollouts with the ball and also plank on a stability ball.
  • For Sundays, a day off is needed.

Now, you understand why these best workout routines for women are necessary, right? Just try them out and let me know what you think later.

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